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I’m going to eat the food of a different country every single day, for as many days in a row as I can. It’s a celebration of other cultures, but also a celebration of our own. It’s a love song to the modern world. The Ballad of Look How Much Amazing Food From All Over The Fucking Planet Is Right In My Back Yard. But seriously. Look how much amazing food from all over the fucking planet is right in my back yard! Fifty years ago, it was downright insane to consider a world where you could eat chilaquiles for breakfast and bibimbap for lunch. But now? People in LA can find those within blocks of each other—and get really good versions of them too.

So…how long will this last? How far can I go eating a different country’s food every single day before I run out of options? How close can I get to learning what the rest of this big ass world tastes like?

The Rules

  • No days off. A new country every single day. No exceptions.
  • Strive for authenticity. I’m not going to Panda Express. I want food that’s gonna get me as close to the homeland as possible.
  • No cheating. I will not be ordering canned fish online from Helsinki and saying that counts.
  • No cooking it myself. Looking up a recipe on a website and trying to recreate it in my own kitchen isn’t getting me any closer to understanding what other people eat. However, if a Mauritanian wants to invite me over for a home cooked meal, I’m all over it.
  • All it takes is one. Some days I’ll eat all three meals from the country, some days it’ll just be one. Heck, if all I can find for New Zealand is pavlova…I’m eating pavlova. But beverages don’t count. It’s not Man Ingests World In Some Capacity.


If you have any information or a recommendation for a restaurant or foreign food source (your mom likes to cook, right?) please contact me at



  1. Allie Mac Kay · Oct 02, 10:49 AM

    Hey Noah – We would love to do a morning show with you here at KTLA.
    Can you give me a call to discuss?
    Allie Mac Kay
    (323) 316-7836

  2. Abby · Oct 07, 11:45 PM

    I’m really enjoying reading your blog so far and I hope you don’t mind, but I thought I’d give you a suggestion for a Burmese restaurant and a couple of suggestions for Filipino restaurants. By the way, I just checked out the Ghanian Market this past weekend. The food was awesome! :)

    Burmese (Whittier)

    **This is a Thai-Burmese restaurant, but stick with the Burmese dishes, especially the Ginger Salad

    Filipino (I’m Filipino and these are my two fav restaurants)

    Barrio Fiesta (Eagle Rock)

    Magic Wok (Artesia)

  3. Noah · Oct 08, 12:55 PM

    Thanks so much! I also love suggestions. Those look great and are both countries I’m really, really looking forward to. Keep them coming if you have any more.

  4. Noah · Oct 08, 12:58 PM

    Oh, and I’d love to hear more about what happened at Nana & Naa! What did they serve you? What was the whole experience like?

  5. JENNIFER · Oct 08, 01:07 PM


  6. Noah · Oct 08, 01:32 PM

    I’ve already gotten to Italy, but I’d love the recipe! My mother’s side of the family is Italian and we’d love to check it out.

  7. JBC · Oct 08, 04:17 PM

    There was somneone named “Food Magellan” (his website is now down, and he moved back east – I think) who went on the same Country Cuisine Quest in L.A. about 2 years ago that you’re now on; however, he didn’t require a new one everyday. I don’t know what countries you have on you’re “to-go” list and I see that by your Canadian post that one dish can qualify.

    If you need any ideas for the following (for example), I can help:

    Czech Republic
    St. Lucia

    You’ve probably got Georgia, Portugal, & Mongolia picked out, but I might have some better “quality” suggestions?

    Anything else? Let me know.

    Good Luck,

    JBC – Los Angeles

  8. Abby · Oct 11, 12:33 AM

    The experience at Nana and Naa was wonderful. Everyone was so friendly. When we told our waitress that we wanted to try a variety of dishes, she gave us some a lot of suggestion. Our group of five shared 5 dishes. I can’t remember the names of all of them, but the flavors were just so distinct. Nothing I’ve ever tasted before. I’m looking forward to going back.

    By the way, while at Nana and Naa, we got to talking to a family sitting next to us and they told us about a Belizean restaurant a few minutes away. So we actually stopped by and ordered/shared all their appetizers plus a coconut tart. The food was excellent. The owner told us that their specialty is oxtail stew and that all the dishes on the menu are all Belizean. I took photos of both restaurants and haven’t had time to upload them, but the link for the Little Belize website is below:

  9. Abby · Oct 11, 12:38 AM

    By the way, if you’re looking for an excellent Polish restaurant, check out Warszawa in Santa Monica. I’ve always had wonderful meals there and people who I’ve brought there have become return customers.

  10. Noah · Oct 11, 11:17 AM

    That’s great! And thanks for the tip on Belize. Good call on Warszawa too. In fact:

  11. Abby · Oct 11, 02:16 PM

    Ooops, I actually remembered reading your Warszawa post. Ok, how about Bangladesh? There’s this little place in Little India called Little Dhaka. I haven’t blogged about it yet, but here’s the link to photos:

  12. Noah · Oct 11, 05:44 PM

    That looks great! Thanks!

  13. Lea M · Oct 17, 08:37 AM

    I just saw your story on KTLA news this morning (Thurs. Oct. 16, 2008) and I just LOVE the idea of traveling and trying world and exotic foods. Good for you! I am married with 2 children and the one thing I do regret is not traveling more when I was single.

    Have much fun and be safe eating all that food. I just donated $10 to your Man Bites World Food fund on paypal.

    It’s great you are living life to the fullest and not worry about your finances to live your dreams.
    Love it!

    It is an inspiration.
    Lea M.
    Studio City, CA

  14. JBC · Oct 17, 10:00 AM

    I unfortunately missed your T.V. appearance. Did you tape it? If yes, a good idea would be to post it on You-Tube and provide the link on “Man Bites World”

  15. Nostrand · Oct 17, 10:04 AM

    Saw you this morning on Ktla, I thought for sure I heard you say you had Bolivian food. I am enjoying your website and love the photos of the food. I did not see that you had Bolivian listed… I was born in Bolivia but we moved to the USA when I was young. I do know of a place in Anahem that serves Bolivian food… I have my favorite that I order. If you are interested email me. And I would be happy to give more info.
    Enjoy your time Eating!

  16. Noah · Oct 17, 02:22 PM

    Bolivia was a slip up! I actually haven’t been able to find Bolivian since La Kantuta closed and it’s one of the cuisines I’ve been searching for! If you know the name of the place in Anaheim, I’d love to know! Thanks!

  17. Noah · Oct 17, 02:34 PM

    Oh, and for those looking to find the KTLA videos, I’m hoping their website puts them up, but either way I’m going to figure out how to import them and get them up on youtube in the next few days. I’ll keep you guys posted. Thanks to everyone for writing in.

  18. San Salvador · Oct 17, 06:59 PM

    You should totally check out Gloria’s on Venice in Culver City for the foods of El Salvador. Delicious and inexpensive, don’t miss the pupusas! Lots of great Brazilian food in that area too. La Espanola Meats in Harbor City has wonderful and authentic Spanish dishes. And no journey of food exploration would be complete without a trip to Ktown, but you already knew that!

  19. San Salvador · Oct 17, 07:12 PM

    Sorry, I see you’ve already done Spain. How about Switzerland?

  20. Noah · Oct 18, 10:03 AM

    Thanks, San Salvador! Gloria’s is right by my house, which makes it a great one for when I’m a little on the lazy side and don’t feel like driving really far away. Thanks for your help!

  21. Amber · Oct 20, 10:01 AM

    How about Bondi BBQ in Venice for Australian? You must get the Aussie Burger, it’s a monstrosity.

  22. Noah · Oct 20, 05:13 PM

    Thanks, Amber! Australian food has been a tough one to come to a decision on. But that sounds awesome.

  23. Mel · Oct 21, 02:11 PM

    Try Little Belize in Inglewood off of Market St. Really delicious and authentic.

  24. Abba · Oct 22, 05:05 PM

    In case you’re not covered for these 2 countries, there’s Danube in Westwood for Bulgarian and Sabina’s in Hollywood for Romanian. The cuisines are quite similar yet unique in their own ways.

  25. Noah · Oct 25, 04:33 PM

    Thanks everyone! Keep the suggestions coming!

  26. Paul · Oct 27, 02:10 AM


    I know a perfect Korean Chicken Soup that will knock off the cold. I will be in LA on Monday, email me if you have time.

  27. Gary · Oct 27, 05:01 AM

    If you are sick then you have to have Jewish penicillin – chicken soup. Jerry’s delivers. Not like my Mom’s, but then, you probably don’t want to get out of bed. Spend the extra and get the matza balls. They are a bit smaller than a softball and make the soup as filling as any meal. Get well soon and really enjoyed your interview the other day on the radio.

  28. Andy Houlihan · Oct 28, 01:45 PM

    I would love send a reporter along with you to one of your tastings to be broascast on ‘Day-to-Day’ on NPR, National Public Radio.
    Could you email me or call (310) 815 4226 to discuss ?
    Many thanks. Great idea !

  29. JBC · Oct 28, 02:47 PM


    You mentioned on your T.V. interview that you couldn’t find a Bolivan restaurant, Ivone spoke up and problem solved – Day 53. You mentioned on the radio interview last Friday that Uzbekistan was closed and your stumped, and sure enough someone called in with a little take-out place in Hollywood (?) named Tashkent that would cut that mustard.

    Suggestion – We can all read your daily posts, and/or look at the map, so we know where you’ve been; you’ve obviously got a to-go list of places already picked out, but what we don’t know is the country cuisines you haven’t found yet.

    So why not put up a list somewhere on Man-Bites-World of your top 10 (or more) countries you’re still searching for?

    As you get past Day 80, it’l get harder! And you’ll have to get more creative/suggestive to a potential restaurant(eur) to consume some “authentic” enthic dishes from an establishment whose outward apearance would suggest that you couldn’t get _______ there.

    I’ll follow up with some country specific suggestions in the mean time anyway, I just don’t know if they’re already on your “To-Go” list or not?

  30. JBC · Oct 28, 06:23 PM

    Re: Scottish Food – Can you find enough countries to keep your streak going until:

    ..“Saint Andrew is the Patron Saint of Scotland, and St. Andrew’s Day is celebrated by Scots around the world on the 30th November”…

    Your options should (?) improve on that date. Maybe wait awhile until November schedules are listed online???

  31. Andy Houlihan · Oct 30, 02:02 PM

    I was wondering if you’d had any thoughts on our discussion re sending a reporter with you week beginning Nov 10th ?
    Best wishes
    310 815 4226

  32. Noah · Oct 30, 09:00 PM

    Thanks, JBC! Great suggestions. For the moment, here are some countries I’m having trouble with:

    1. Scotland
    2. Wales
    3. The Bahamas
    4. New Zealand
    5. Uruguay
    6. Finland
    7. Dominican Republic
    8. Iceland
    9. Jordan
    10. Kazakhstan
    11. Libya
    12. Paraguay

    Thanks again to everybody for their help!

  33. mattatouille · Nov 05, 04:37 PM

    amazing concept, i wish i can seen your blog sooner. I’ll be reading through all of these…keep it up!

  34. JBC · Nov 07, 06:26 PM

    Glad to see you made the trip to San Diego for a “proper” Georgian repast. If you haven’t left San Diego already, there is a reasonable possibility you can pick up (to-go only?) some “REAL” Samoan food on your way back to L.A. at:

    Oloa Samoa – Oceanside, CA (760) 757-6562

    I just called them but they were closed. The recording says
    they’re open till 6:00, closed Sun., Mon. & half day Tuesday. At least give them a call & see if they meet your authenticity standards.

  35. Noah · Nov 08, 08:35 AM

    Aw, thanks JBC! But I just got back from San Diego. What a bummer!

  36. Ron · Nov 08, 09:14 AM

    If you haven’t had Cuban cuisine yet, may I suggest Mayumba Restaurant in Rosemead (3514 Rosemead Blvd, (626) 572-9558) rather than the chain that we’re all familiar with. In terms of authenticity and “just like my abuela used to make”, Mayumba has my vote. And if you want to take authenticity a step further, stay away from any chicken dishes. Try the ox-tail stew, it’s called Rabo Encendido, or the roast pork, a traditional holiday meal, Lechon Asado. My feeling is that you’re already familiar with all of this since I have seen an spike in interest in Cuban food in LA in the past ten years.

  37. Hungry Grace · Nov 08, 02:19 PM

    would you ever consider inviting your readers to a group food excursion? or, how about a multi-ethnic pot luck dinner? exciting, no???

  38. Abby · Nov 19, 04:27 PM

    Hey Noah! I started a Socal Food Bloggers Meetup. I’d love it if you could join it. You’ve probably od’ on Chinese food already, but our first outing is this Saturday, Dim Sum at King Hua. If you can’t make it, I’d still love it if you could be part of the group at:

  39. Mel · Dec 03, 11:28 AM

    I can’t wait for you to find someplace serving Guyanese food! My family is Guyanese and I’ve been looking for years for a local restaurant serving this food. Most people think it’s the same as Jamaican…not at all! This is great! I’ll stay tuned

  40. Gretchen · Dec 16, 12:56 PM

    Hey Noah!

    I wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading your blog over the past couple months and have picked up some great restaurant tips! Hope to see more in the future.

    Gretchen Gray

  41. Edward · Dec 23, 07:56 AM

    Hey Noah!!

    Heard about your show the other day while you were interviewing
    on KCRW this passed weekend and I have been hooked on your
    website since. I noticed you didn’t have any Japanese food and I
    don’t blame you, but I am from Okinawa, Japan and recently there
    was a restuarant opened in Gardena, Ca and it is cooked by
    chefs that were flown in from Okinawa. You can’t get anymore
    authentic than that. I have been going there once a week cause
    it reminds me so much of home. If you have time please check ‘em
    I recommend the Okinawa sobe, rafute, tempura beni imo and the
    infamous goya chanpuru!!! HAIISSAII!!!

  42. Margaret · Dec 30, 07:26 PM

    Hi Noah,

    Just found your blog…Fantastic! I threw some $$ your way based on the Nana & Naa review alone. Who knew that place was right in my backyard? I went there today, but they were closed. I will go back.

    I was also pleased to see that you accurately reviewed many places where I have also eaten. I’m sure you have been given a lot of suggestions for other restaurants of countries you have visited. Here’s my suggestion. Al Watan Pakistani food is indeed delicious. A few blocks north on Inglewood Ave. in Lawndale is Al Noor (15112 Inglewood Ave, corner of Marine Ave.) I like the food at Al Noor just a bit more over Al Watan.

    Thanks again for creating this blog.


  43. Felix Muchiri · Dec 31, 07:32 AM

    Try ‘Ugali’ Nduma and some of the delicious East African Food. Lets taste them 2gether.

    Add a bottle of Tusker Beer (Obama’s favorite in Kenya).

  44. Jayne · Jan 17, 05:25 PM

    I’m hungry so went to your site for an idea of where to go tonight. It would be really really helpful if you would you be willing to list all the places you’ve liked & their addresses. Will you? BTW, I had the same idea as a few years ago, but my real life job got in the way. That, and the fact my family vetoed the idea! Thanks for creating this blog!