How Do You Take Good Nature Pictures?

Nature photography records the best of what we see around us, it captures outdoor scenes such as wildlife, trees, landscapes, flowers, etc. If you prepare and use the right techniques and equipment, nature photography can be fulfilling.

Nature photography is vast, and every moment numerous scenes are unfolding waiting to be captured. This form of photography involves knowing how to locate these scenes and passing the right message through the lens.

Nature photos are a favorite of many people, more so if they are captured right. Nature photos inspire, comfort and heal and men always desire to see more of nature. Let’s look at several tips that will aid in taking the best nature photos.

1. Know your equipment

If you are using a new camera to take nature photos, get acquainted with how it works. Know the camera settings such as the shutter speed, F-stop, and ISO settings.



Train on how to use the camera, for example, if you want to take a photo of a gazelle in the wild, you might need to shut off the autoflash, autofocus, and motordrive. Read the manual and practice taking shots around your home before setting out for the real experience.

2. Use the right equipment

Excellent nature photography relies on the right gear. Depending on the photos to take, pick the right equipment to capture the best images.

For example, if you want to take flower images or small insects, you might need to use a macro lens.

If you’re going to capture a broad vista, a wide-angle lens will be ideal to obtain a larger field of view. Taking wildlife photos will need zoom lenses and telephoto to zoom in closer to the subject. Check online for excellent photography resources that will help you to take excellent nature photos.

3. Pay attention to the foreground

Though empty landscapes and skies can produce fantastic nature photos, including elements in the foreground will result in striking pictures.

The foreground will spice up your images. When you locate a fantastic landscape, make it more appealing by picking interesting elements in the foreground. Include flowers, a river, colored plants or rocks on the foreground; you will be amazed at the images.

4. Consider using a filter

Though most nature photographers overlook filters, simple polarizers are ideal for capturing deeper colors.

A polarizing filter will aid in darkening light blue skies to produce a more vibrant shade of blue. Besides, it will help to eliminate glare; this aspect is essential when taking water images.

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You will capture elements in the water such as stones, water plants, and sand. You can also opt to use a graduated neutral density filter (ND) when taking landscape pictures.

5. Make use of light

Proper use of natural light can result in exceptional nature photos. Golden hours of the days such as when the sun is rising, or setting can assist in capturing unique images.

Incorporating the light element is critical especially when taking landscape images. Natural light will create a unique feeling of the primary object.

6. The position of the object

As a rule in nature photography, avoid having your subject in the middle of the picture. Nature photography is unlike taking portrait pictures where the focus is on the subject. Nature photos might seem odd if you make your subject the focus; remember your subject isn’t the only element in the picture.

7. Prepare for the shots

Study the area before the shooting exercise. Study how natural light can affect your images at different hours of the day. Research the behavior of insects and animals at different times of the day. Know the best time to capture the best image of your subject.


If you want to take a deep route into the wild, consider taking a guide. If you’re going to take photos in a remote location, you can engage the locals in assisting in locating amazing sites.

Familiarize yourself with the weather reports before setting out for the wild. You will need to be patient to capture the best nature photos. After studying the best time to take the shots, you will need to arrive early enough to avoid missing the moment.With these tips, I believe you will capture exceptional nature photos.