What is Lifestyle Management?

Lifestyle management refers to the support that enables people to organize essential parts or tasks of their lives that they cannot do by themselves. One may outsource the personal tasks to individuals or commercial firms. Also known as a personal assistant (PA), a lifestyle manager acts as a link between the people who are unable to carry out their own tasks and suppliers of commercial services. Personal assistants usually position their services as a luxury good meant to improve access to expertise or services.

Tasks that Lifestyle Management Covers

The lifestyle management solutions may cover residential tasks such as arranging cleaners and gardeners. The solutions also help with all aspects of relocating or moving. They also help you source alternative utility suppliers and find local tutors, after-school clubs and schools. In a cyclical setting, they help arrange appointments, shop for online grocery and organize cards, flowers or presents.


In leisure and travel, a PA can assist you book restaurants, chauffeurs, shuttles, taxis and sporting event, concert or theatre tickets. The assistant also helps you research spas, golf clubs, and gyms. You can also rely on the lifestyle manager to plan your family events and source/book weekends getaways.

Why is it So Popular?

Lifestyle management aims at helping people increase their own personal efficiency. With a PA, a wealthy individual with a busy schedule can lead a balanced life and enjoy quality free time with his or her loved ones. As the number of wealthy people increases, there is a constant increase in demands for PAs across the globe. PAs are also using different marketing platforms to make their solutions known to potential clients.

Personal assistants are very common in the corporate sector since most executives spend most of their time outside their offices. The role of the PAs in this sector is to schedule the day-to-day activities of executives. The PAs should present their services and conduct their assigned tasks according to their employers.

Stats about Lifestyle Management

A 2010 report compiled by Oxford Brookes University suggested that the value of PA services globally stands at $1 billion. The report also indicated that 46 percent of the demands for concierge service focused on sourcing and booking restaurants. The study found out that 27 percent of the requests centered on business travel arrangements while 32 percent of them centered on sourcing and booking holiday treats.

Life Style

The concierge service industry affects the hospitality industry. In other words, most people source the concierge services to get access to the offerings of the hospitality industry. High net-worth individuals and households are the most common seekers of these solutions.

Final Thoughts

PAs are always on the verge of expanding their solutions to cater to the needs of people regardless of their income status. Unlike in the past twenty years, these experts are strictly following trends in the demands for their services and are using the information to personalize their assistance. They understand that clients expect the efficiency and benefit of organizing different aspects of their life. Besides getting their personal tasks done, the clients enjoy the benefits of having adequate time and balance on their side.