What are The Downsides of Getting a Medical Marijuana Card?

The medical marijuana card or the commonly known as the Cannabis card is a unique identification card that is issued to specific patients with an exceptional medical condition, to allow them or permit them to buy marijuana to treat their ailments form dispensaries. In some cases, the card may allow one to grow cannabis at home or even be allowed to order them for home delivery. Let’s look at what are the downsides of getting a medical marijuana Card?

1. The initial process of getting the card

To apply for the card you are supposed to be examined by a physician to determine if you are genuinely suffering from a condition they can be settled by consuming controlled amounts of marijuana.

medical marijuana

You have to have a strong doctor/patient relationship for the process to work well. The physician has to confirm that you are suffering from one of the qualifying medical condition listed by your state to be allowed to be given the card. At the end it will only depend on the country you are living that will determine the ease of getting the marijuana card.

2. Yearly renewal

If you process the card, you have to make sure you are renewing it on an annual basis. Most providers usually give a card that lasts only for a year. So the cardholder has to replace the card each year at a cost that can be as low as $50 or even up to $200 depending on the type of state that he is leaving in. The real problem comes when one skips renewing on the expiry date, and you have to follow the whole process of application for you to get another one.

In some cases, you are required to submit a lab report that is signed by your physician to confirm that you are still suffering from the same medical condition.

3. Applying for job

Some workplace policies do not allow one to be employed if he or she tests positive for marijuana. Although employers may not be in a position to access your medical records, they sometimes perform random medical tests before employing someone or the workers. This may prove to be significant challenges as will find it difficult to get the new job or even be sucked from their current jobs if they are found to be using marijuana.


4. You will lose your second amendment right

No exceptional law gives those people suffering from a particular disease to use the cannabis; even if the state law may sanction it, still it is outlawed. Even if your residence state has legalized the use of medical marijuana delivery, if you are found to be using it then you are considered as unlawful, and you will end up being denied the right to possess firearms or ammunition

5. The government still has the overall power

For you to renew the card or be allowed to have one, you will always have to wait for the government physician to examine yours under strict instructions from the government. So it is up to the individuals to weight out if the need to have a medical marijuana card or not.