How do you become a medical transcriptionist?


A transcription is an act of listening to an audio file using a pair of headphones or speakers and typing what you hear into words on paper. There are different kinds of transcribers. They include general transcribers, legal, and medical transcribers.Of all those, general transcription is easy and can be done by almost anyone who is willing to try his or her hand on transcription.This article will be talking about medical transcription. How you can become a medical transcriber and how to perfect in being one. Here are the steps:

1. Earn a medical transcription certificate.

As soon as you are a post-secondary student, and you want to apply to do medical transcription online, you need to go to school and learn the following:

• Computer applications. In order to use your computer to type transcripts, you need to know how to use it. Generally, you need to know how to format words in Microsoft word plus other applications.

• Medical Terminologies. This’s to help you type words you are familiar with when transcribing audios. You will be required to know most Biology terms when transcribing. The training will teach you most of the Biology terms and what they mean.

• Healthcare documentation. Doctors keep a record of patients. What disease is affecting each of them and how to treat them.

When a woman gives birth, a doctor record notes concerning the condition of the child and his or her mother. As a medical transcriber, you will need to know all these documents and how to fill them.


• Typing speed. A transcriptionist should know how to type fast. A large audio file might be needed in the shortest time possible; it is an advantage if you can type so fast. If you can type forty-five words in one minute, you are a fast typist.After getting a Certificate, You are set to begin working. A certificate will also help you stand out in the job market.A certificate alone is not enough. You will first need experience by going for internships in medical firms and hospitals.

2. Seek an internship.

To be accepted into the senior position by most employees, some will ask for at least two years’ work experience. You can get this experience by working as an intern.While in an internship, it’s advisable that you develop good computer skills. The changing trends in technology will require smart transcribers.You can also improve on typing speed and the general knowledge about transcription.

3. Get Certified.

Once the test is done and you have experience, you need to be certified by passing a certification test. A license will be issued after a test is passed.Some transcribers don’t go for certification because it may not be necessary, but it is important.


Employees trust a person who is certified than someone who is not.You have to keep on passing tests to maintain the certificate.


A transcriber who is specializing in medical transcription is more paid than the general transcriber. It’s a great job for many. To become that kind of a transcriber, just follow the steps listed above.